safety meeting pic

Managers, operators, and workers attend a weekly safety meeting.

BioEngineering Associates has an unparalleled safety record.  Since beginning work in 1982, the company has only had three minor worker’s compensation claims.  In each case, the workers were back on the job within a few days.  Safety is extremely important at our company.  Our managers, heavy equipment operators, and workers appreciate each other and look out for one another’s safety on the job site.  Mandatory safety meetings are held on the job sites at the beginning of each week.  Safety equipment is present on all job sites and everybody on the site is aware of its location and proper use.  The safety equipment includes first aid kits, emergency eyewash station, fire extinguishers, eye and ear protection, chainsaw protective leg chaps, gloves, and spill containment equipment; and of course hard hats and safety vest.